Sietze Kalkwijk



We will leave Naryn Region early in the morning and drive North towards the South shore of Issyk-Kul lake. At 12:00 we have an appointment in Kyzyl-Tuu village, this place is famous for the production of "yurta", a handmade felt nomad house.

In the afternoon we will visit Bokonbaevo village and meet several felt craftsmen. We stay a night in Bokonbaevo up in the mountains.

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leaving At-Bashy, Naryn Region
Kyzyl-Tuu village This place is famous for the production of “yurta”, a handmade felt nomad house
Kyzyl-Tuu village Young learners
Kyzyl-Tuu village A 'kicking' machine, saves a lot of work
Kyzyl-Tuu village The woodremains are used to heaten the water
Kyzyl-Tuu village Steam installation for bending the Yrta frames
Kyzyl-Tuu village Molds for the bent Yrta Frame components
Kyzyl-Tuu village Peeling the bent wooden parts
Kyzyl-Tuu village Weaving the Yurta Ribbons and belts
Kyzyl-Tuu village Inside the Yurta. Outside the sun is burning (it's arround 30 degrees) but inside it's extremely comfortable
Kyzyl-Tuu village Inside the Yurta. In Kyrgyzstan hospitality knows no bounds
Kyzyl-Tuu village Bargaining with the neighbour farmer
Kyzyl-Tuu village We made a good deal and will have enough meat for the next three days
Bokonbaevo village The first Countryside workshop with Internet acces
Bokonbaevo village Stock
Bokonbaevo village Women working surrounded by ancient patterns
Bokonbaevo village Very international
Bokonbaevo village The Felt Art Studio shop
Bokonbaevo village The two Mistresses
Bokonbaevo village And three employees
In the Mountains Preparing a feast meal
In the Mountains The Lamb's head is offered to the honoured guest, that must be me...